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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dare To Never lose your twitter account

Let's start out by saying that Twitter is the king of receiving Backlinks for your websites and getting you Indexed into search engines. For the past few months I have hit on Twitter in several different posts. If you missed those posts, do not worry, I will post them right here:

Now I need to talk about how "NOT" to get your Twitter account suspended by improper use. I can tell you this from my past experiences. As you are searching the internet you will see how you can use Twitter in many different ways, other than using the main Twitter platform. You will find hundreds of different programs that can automatically update your Twitter account as you post to these different platforms. Well, I am here to tell you that you must make sure that all these other tools you are using to update Twitter is within Twitter's rules and guidelines. Most Network Marketer's are not aware that using these tools can and will hurt your Twitter account. If your Twitter account is suspended or cancelled, then all of the hard work you put into your business will be wasted. Any link that has been indexed from Twitter will no longer be available in the search engines. I am not going to type every single Twitter rule, but you can review them by clicking here:

Twitter Rules
Automation Rules and Best Practices
Following Rules and Best Practices

Why was my Twitter account suspended? First, I had a few Twitter accounts and I will update them with the same tweet. Twitter considers that duplicate tweets and they frown on that. Secondly, I used an automated system that would automatically follow someone if they followed me. Now you are thinking, what is wrong with that? Well Twitter is a social network. So saying that, you are suppose to be a human interacting with others and not interacting with a computer. Automation means that a computer is doing all the work. So I suggest, if you are going to use an automation tool, make sure to use it wisely. Including SPAMMING.

In conclusion with my personal experience with Twitter and automation, if you are going to use automated services, make sure you do it smart. You do not want all of your hard work to go down the drain. TRUST ME, Twitter is smart, just like Google.


  1. I can relate to having your Twitter account suspended because it happened to me, but Twitter told me it was an error and restored my account. I was only suspended for one day. Thank goodness because I couldn't figure out what I did wrong since I don't do anything that you mentioned in the article.

  2. Thank you Terri for leaving your comment. Your comment is very important to my blog. Have a lovely Saturday:)


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