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Monday, August 6, 2012

Understanding Email Content Filtering

Most email programs will come with some type of email filtering program. Within the email filters are options like spam characteristics allowing the consumer to filter certain content. A consumer can access the email filter and set the options to their preference.

Four techniques to keep in mind when sending email, so your not simulating spam.

* Always use a subject line with a meaning. Do not use a generic subject line. People will always delete an email that has the from line reading Anonymous. Always have your business or name in the from line.

* Do not attach a PDF document only containing advertisements. Some email programs will let you send the attachment notification without actually attaching the attachment. This will give the recipient the option to download the PDF file from the actual website. This works well for trustworthy.

* Always include plain text in any image advertisements. This looks like a real person has created this email specifically for you.

* "DO NOT" use excessive promotional phrases or words.

Most people do not alter their email filtering programs. So keeping these few things in mind when creating an email should exclude you from the most common filters.

Why Blog Topics

Blogging is a very powerful tool to use for building any type of brand. Most people who are building a business think that they need to only blog about their business. Blogs are so unique that you can either blog about your business or blog about whatever interests you. Keep in mind, every post that you write may not always have readers. But whatever you write, usually you will have someone interested in it.

Do not select a topic simply because you think a lot of people will search for. You may not think that someone is interested in your topic, but that's ok. I will pretty much guarantee that someone is interested one way or another.

Four points to consider when choosing a topic.

* Keeping in mind that blogging requires a long term commitment. If you write about a topic you are interested in, then you will have long time commitment.

* Knowing your topic is very important. People will not hesitate to point out the subject matter mistakes.

* Always be passionate in your writing. This will assure more dedicated readers.

* Always write about a topic you are very familiar with. People will know if you are not very familiar with your topic by posting comments or loosing readers. This will also keep you from struggling with your topic.

People love to read and follow great content that interests them. So the topic is the key to attracting a huge audience.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Free Friendship Online Cards

With Cardstore, it doesn't get easier to tell your friends, family, and even acquaintances how much they mean to you. In honor of Friendship Day this Sunday, August 5th, Cardstore is giving you the opportunity to pick one lucky friend to get a super sweet card, personalized by you, created just for them. Oh yeah, and it's totally FREE! It's practically like sending a little you to anywhere in the country. The event runs through tonight, 8/5 so spread the word about this awesome deal, and maybe you'll find a card in your mailbox too!
Don't forget - upload a super funny, cute, or embarrassing picture to any card, add your very own message, and signature on the inside, and voila! You're done! As long as your card is shipped within the US, Cardstore will address it, stamp it, and send it for you, all for FREE! Just enter the code FRIEND12 during checkout. What lucky friend will you pick to surprise?!
This offer is good now through today, Friendship Day, 8/5/12 at 11:59pm ET. Enjoy! Get Your Free Card
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